Customer Stories

The Babies have become so much more than just a project for these students. They have really become a great discussion piece for choosing to parent or building their resumes for jobs.

Amanda Klenke, FACS Teacher, Battle High School, Colombia, MO Download Full Story

Our goals are to help students get into careers and to help the ones that do make the mistake of becoming pregnant before graduating high school.

Chrissy Storms, FACS Teacher, Warren Central High School, Bowling Green, KY Download Full Story

We found that the simulators really push the students. By the time they get done with them, they're ready for the real thing and they jump right in.

Dan Leinen, Agriculture Instructor, Harlan Community School District, Harlan, IA Download Full Story

These products provide a consistent, safe experience for students before going into a clinical setting.  They have the opportunity to handle these babies in different ways; to know what is safe; and how to bathe and swaddle them; to understand how to approach them.

Jessie Daniels, NAU Skills Lab Coordinator, National American University Download Full Story

We’re trying to get these kids excited about getting skilled and getting into manufacturing careers. This equipment is enhancing our ability to do that.

John Paulus, Mobile Manufacturing Lab Technician, CVTC, Eau Claire, WI Download Full Story

I have never used a virtual welder before, but guideWELD VR is very easy to use... I actually look out for my angle now while welding for real... it has helped a lot.

Rodian Manjarres, Welding Student, J. Harley Bonds Career Center Greer, SC Download Full Story

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