Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit

Use the Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit to help students understand common sensory challenges faced by elderly patients and develop geriatric nursing skills. The kit includes three interactive learning aids and curriculum. The wearable components simulate hearing impairment, arthritis and hand tremors. The curriculum focuses on addressing age-related sensory challenges and patient care skills. Through these engaging experiences, you can help your students develop empathy and geriatric sensitivity.

The Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit includes:

  • Hearing Impairment Simulator: Headphones that simulate tinnitus, high frequency hearing loss, general hearing loss and dementia hearing ailments
  • Geriatric Arthritis Simulator: A wearable for each hand that simulates arthritic conditions
  • Geriatric Tremor Simulator: This simulator uses EMS technology to simulate a Parkinson's-like hand tremor

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  1. Focus: Understanding age-related hearing impairment, tremors and the impact of aging on bones and joints

    • Lessons: 8
    • Teaching hours: 7–13
    • Presentation slides: 26
    • Pre- and post-assessments
    • Aligns to: National Health Education Standards, National Family and Consumer Sciences Standards, Common Career Technical Core, Common Core State Standards

    Arthritis Simulator Curriculum Overview

    Hearing Impairment Simulator Curriculum Overview

    Geriatric Tremor Simulator Curriculum Overview

    • Geriatric Impairment - CalloutsHearing Impairment Simulator: Headphones that enable the user to experience tinnitus, high-frequency hearing loss, general hearing loss and dimentia-related confusion
    • Geriatric Arthritis Simulator: A wearable for each hand that simulates moderate to severe arthritis
    • Geriatric Tremor Simulator: A portable device that uses EMS technology to induce hand tremors
    • Each simulator includes a protective case
    • Curriculum
    • 1-year limited warranty



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