With Realityworks’ RealCare® Baby Trade-In Program, you can trade in old versions of RealCare Baby or Baby Think It Over® for credit toward the latest, most realistic infant simulator on the market: RealCare Baby 3!

RealCare Baby 3:

Have one of the below simulators sitting in your closet or classroom? You can trade any of them in - working or not - for credit towards the latest generation RealCare Baby 3:

The RealCare Baby Trade-In Program* is simple: Turn in any of the above simulators – or a competitor model! – for a one-for-one discount. Your trade-in product does not even have to be in working condition. Each trade-in simulator earns you a $50 trade-in credit. The more you turn in, working or otherwise, the more you save!

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*This is a one-for-one discount. Accepted trade-in items include: 
old RealCare Baby infant simulators, old software, thermal printers,
electronic boxes and competitor’s models.

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