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90 Day RealCareer™ Weld Defects Kit, RealCare Fetal Development Kit, RealCare Pregnancy Torso, RealCareer Employability Skills, Plant Science Kit and RealCare Human Reproductive Systems Kit
1 Year RealCareer® Electrical Wiring Kit
1 Year guideWELD® VR welding simulator
1 Year guideWELD® LIVE welding guidance system
1 Year RealCareer Bend Tester
1 Year RealCare Drug Affected Baby, RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby, RealCare Preemie Baby RealCare Geriatric Simulator and RealCareer™ Food Safety Kit
2 Year Pregnancy Profile
2 Year RealCare® Baby, Control Center Software, X-stick and Charging Station
5 Year RealCare® Baby, Control Center Software, X-stick, Shaken Baby, Charging Station
2 Year Mobile Storage Charging Cart
1 Year 5-Baby Mobile Storage Charging Case and The Infant Health Trio Storage Case

Warranty reflect direct sales from Realityworks, Inc.

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