15 RealCare® Baby Tips to Help Your Program Succeed This School Year

Across the country, educators are returning to their classrooms and preparing for the 2015-2016 academic year. Classrooms are being organized, lesson plans reviewed and RealCare® Baby infant simulators are being removed from summer storage. Whether you are a new or experienced user, here are 15 RealCare Baby tips from seasoned Baby users to help your program succeed this school year!


  1. Before deploying Baby each week, charge it overnight to ensure a full 7 day’s use.
  2. During your unit on infant health and safety, invite a guest speaker to present information on the dangers of leaving infants unattended in hot cars.
  3. Use Mr. Clean® Magic Erasers® to easily remove dirt and grime from Baby’s vinyl.
  4. When covering teen pregnancy prevention, invite a real teen parent to share their personal story about being a teen parent and the challenges presented by the situation.
  5. Give your students access to the RealCare Baby Guide app (available for iPhone and Android) so they can easily access “how-to” info, FAQs and video guides 24/7 to help them with their care experience.
  6. Arrange for your class to tour the local hospital’s maternity ward to show students what will happen when they become parents.
  7. Have your students visit Costo, Target or Wal-Mart to calculate the price of 1 month’s worth of diapers, formula and other infant necessities to understand the cost of having an infant.
  8. Number all accessories that come with each Baby to easily track parts.
  9. Take advantage of our storage solutions, which include small and large carts as well as soft-sided cases that both store and charge Baby.
  10. To teach the cost of caring for an infant, have your students create a monthly baby budget that factors in diapers, food, transportation and child care.
  11. Encourage students to journal about their experience caring for Baby, then share excerpts with their classmates.
  12. Encourage the parents of your student caregivers to make their child’s simulation as realistic as possible by requiring them to complete basic household chores or take care of meals while caring for Baby.
  13. Help your school raise money for additional Babies by arranging for community members to “adopt” new Babies. Provide those community members with “birth certificates” and subsequent photos of their Baby making a difference in your classroom.
  14. Encourage your students to go at least one public outing while caring for Baby to give them a glimpse of what traveling with an infant can be like.
  15. To complete your students’ parenting experience, encourage them (both males and females) to don our Pregnancy Profile for a specified time period prior to taking Baby home.

How are you making the most of your RealCare program this school year? Share your tips and ideas in the comments!

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