3 Ways to Ensure a Successful RealCare Baby Program This School Year

By Nate Schlieve, Realityworks Product Support Technician

By now, many educators around the country have returned to their classrooms and removing their RealCare® Baby infant simulators from storage in preparation for a new round of simulation experiences. Before sending your Babies out, review the following steps to make sure you are properly prepared.


First, make sure that you are using the most recent version of Control Center Software. Due to summer updates, upgraded computers, etc., many instructors return to their classrooms to discover that their Control Center Software is missing from their computer or they’re using an outdated version. If this happens to you, rest assured that there is an easy fix: You can install the most recent version by clicking here. This version of Control Center Software works with RealCare Baby II-Plus and RealCare Baby 3, and the link bypasses the need for an installation CD.

Second, take some time to reacquaint yourself with how Baby functions. The best way to do this is to watch this 20-minute RealCare Program Tutorial, which covers installing the Control Center Software, charging Babies, adding Babies to the software, programming them for a simulation, printing a report and more.

Third, review our comprehensive Product Support Center. This online center contains a plethora of resources for RealCare Baby users, including printable how-to documents, videos and FAQs.

Looking for additional RealCare Baby resources as the school year commences? Check out:

RealCare Baby users, do you have any other tips for educators who are just starting their programs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Ensure a Successful RealCare Baby Program This School Year

  1. I’m ally if I have a Gen 6 realcare baby and have school and don’t have a controller how would I turn off the baby until I am home from school ?

    1. Ally, thank you for the question. There is no way to temporarily turn off the baby. You can do an Emergency Stop by pressing the Emergency Stop Button until it chimes 6 times. We hope this helps. Thank you!

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