4 Great Ways to Observe National Baby Safety Month

4 Great Ways to Observe National Baby Safety Month

September is National Baby Safety Month. This is a great time to check on things like product recalls, car seat standards, and more. Here are 4 ways you can observe this important month:

1. It’s never too early to learn about car seat standards, as well as proper installation and use:

2. Download Safe Kid Worldwide’s “Up and Away” checklist :

3. Visit to learn more about their Ages and Stages theme for 2019:

4. Follow US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Twitter for daily baby safety tips:


BONUS: Realityworks has free infographics available on our website for you, including our child abuse prevention poster. Visit our Free Poster page to check them out and download them for your classroom.
There are many other great resources out there for keeping babies safe. Drop some of your favorite resources in the comments below, or tweet them to us at @RealityworksInc.



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