5 Resources for Back to School with RealCare Baby®

5 Resources for Back to School with RealCare Baby®

You are back in the swing of things after a wonderful summer break and you have all these beautiful RealCare Babies looking at you… now what?

We want you your program to be successful – we’re here to help!

Whether you inherited a program and have never used the product before or are a novice RealCare Baby user, these 5 resources will help you get your program working:


Lost your software? Was your computer updated over the summer? Don’t worry – you can download the most up-to-date version of RealCare Baby® Control Center Software® for FREE on our website. Use the software to program up to 100 babies, up to 7 days in advance. The software is also where you get your reports and can put Baby in Demonstration Mode.

Get your Control Center Software here.


Have a Baby making a funny noise, or not working at all? Are you unsure how to add a Baby to the software or deploy the program? Our amazing support team is here to help.

Visit our online Product Support web portal here.

You can chat with us online or fill out a form to have us contact you.


Each RealCare Baby 3 needs 1 bottle, 2 diapers (1 yellow and 1 green), a 2-piece outfit, a sleeper, a bodysuit, and an ID with a wristband. All these items are required to use Baby, whether it’s overnight, through the weekend or for an entire week.

Lost any of the above items or need to replace an item? Visit our online store.


Baby can be programmed to run on one of 15 care schedules, or you can program it to run on a random schedule. The care schedules were created from actual infants over a 24-hour period!


Free webinar: Back to School RealCare Baby – Tips and Tricks
Thursday, September 12 from 12-12:30 pm CST
In this 30-minute webinar, Realityworks’ RealCare Baby® experts will share tips and tricks to help you prepare your RealCare Program for the new school year. Tips include curriculum highlights, student engagement ideas, product support tricks and more. Register here.

If you’re still not sure where to start, contact us. We’ll connect you with our Product Support Team, your local Account Manager or whoever can assist you in getting your RealCare Baby Program up and running successfully for the school year!


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