5 Steps to Preparing RealCare Baby for Summer Storage

As the school year comes to an end, family and consumer science teachers, health teachers and other educators who use RealCare Baby infant simulators in their classes are getting ready to store these teaching aids for the summer. Ensure that your simulators are ready for successful use again this fall by completing this simple 5-step checklist before putting the away.


Step 1: Inventory. Gather all Babies, accessories and supplies. Take a quick inventory of what you have. Identify any resources that you need to order, like wristbands, so you have the items on hand when school starts in the fall.

Step 2: Place orders as needed. Visit our online store to quickly and easily order any consumables and resources you need for your program, including add-on Babies.

Step 3: Clean Baby. Remove any dirt stains from Baby’s vinyl using the following recommended products:

  • Goop® Hand Cleaner with Pumice
  • GoJo® Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner
  • Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Acne cream
  • Baking soda
  • Tech cleaner
  • Soft Scrub Cleanser without bleach
  • Oxi Clean
  • Mild dish soap
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Rubbing alcohol

Step 4: Battery Maintenance. Baby should be charged for a few hours at least every 3 months if stored for long periods of time, so make sure to charge Baby fully before storing it for the summer. Note: Baby should not be left plugged in for extended periods of time; once it’s fully charged, unplug it.

Step 5: Store Baby. Baby should be stored indoors, in the plastic bag, for optimum conditions. If this isn’t possible, every attempt should be made to keep Baby dry and clean. Note: dramatic changes in temperature can cause water condensation inside Baby. Allow time for the condensation to evaporate before use.

Do you take any special steps that we haven’t shared here to ensure that your RealCare Baby infant simulators are stored safely for the summer months?

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