5 Teaching Tools That Will Excite Your Ag Students

There are a lot of reasons your students should be excited about agriculture. After all, they get to learn about farming, food and natural resources by doing some really cool things such as participating in hands-on learning opportunities outside the classroom and joining student organizations like the National FFA Organization. The lessons you’re teaching will help them develop all sorts of valuable skills, from science and math to communication and leadership.

Of course, your students might not understand this (yet), and even if they do, some lessons are harder to get excited about. That’s where our agriculture products come in. Our agriculture learning aids give today’s students the interactive learning opportunities they crave – opportunities that are relevant, authentic and will get them excited about the agriculture lessons you’re teaching.

We spoke with our customers to find out which of our agriculture products they use most often to generate excitement in their classrooms. Here are their top 5:

1. Bovine Injection Simulator

Requested by ag instructors to teach fundamental skills for agriculture and vet tech students, this simulator gives students hands-on experience giving injections, applying ear tags and more, without leaving the classroom.





2. Bovine Breeder™ artificial insemination simulator

This unique simulator has caught the attention of many ag education publications, as it enables students to learn and practice an in-demand skill right in the classroom.


3. guideWELD® VR welding simulator

Welding is one of the high-wage, high-demand careers we hear about in the workforce today. With this engaging and interactive simulator, students can learn basic techniques while exploring a potential career.




4. Goat Model  

Like the rest of our animal science models, our Goat Model splits in half to reveal organs and structures your students can interact with.



5. Corn Stalk Model

While this is brand-new as of summer 2019 and has yet to hit classrooms, this unique model is already a huge hit with educators. We created this in close partnership with educators who said teaching about corn growth and common deficiencies is near impossible during the school year when corn is not in season.




Ready to discover even more engaging teaching tools for your ag program? Click here to see everything we offer for agriculture education.


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