About Realityworks

Realityworks provides comprehensive learning solutions that pair curriculum with hands-on learning aids, student activities and assessment tools to create innovative learning environments. These solutions are used in middle, secondary and post-secondary schools to engage students, teach needed skills and provide career exploration opportunities.

We closely partner with educators, administrators and industry leaders to ensure that they have the resources they need to make lessons truly meaningful.

Our Educators Teach

Career Pathways

Other Markets:

- Social services and youth organizations
- Corrections
- Maternal and Child Health
- Military

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Our Purpose and Mission

Bettering Lives Through our Work - to improve the human condition around the globe by enabling educators to show the probable outcomes of behaviors and choices.

Realityworks provides products and services to improve and enhance social, emotional, and physical health through the use of interactive technology. We seek to improve the human condition around the globe by enabling educators to show the probable outcomes of behaviors and choices. 

Our customers can depend on our innovation and knowledge of new technologies as we strive to provide the most effective and value-conscious solutions for their needs. We base the design of all of our products on the most relevant and valid scientific information available. 

The full engagement of our employees is essential to our success. We give them the tools they need to do their jobs well, offer opportunities for personal and professional development, and treat and compensate them fairly. We provide them with competent, ethical management and respect their family responsibilities. We treat our vendors, consultants, distributors, other business partners, and especially our customers, as we would want to be treated.

Our community, country, and planet can look to us as responsible corporate citizens.

Our success depends on remaining profitable, yet profitability alone does not define our success.  We measure our impact by how many lives are changed in positive ways, and how profoundly they are changed, as a result of our efforts.

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