The Realityworks Story

It all began in 1993 when co-founders Rick and Mary Jurmain viewed a television program that showed teens using eggs and flour sacks to simulate caring for an infant. Rick commented to Mary that these seemed like poor substitutes for real infants: “There's no crying or waking up at night.”

Mary lightheartedly challenged the former NASA engineer to invent something better. By the end of that year, he had created the first prototype of what would be known as Baby.

The Jurmains’ high-tech Baby got the attention of teachers immediately because it provided a more hands-on, true-to-life experience for students. It also got the attention of national media like USA Today, the New York Times, Forbes, Newsweek, People, Oprah and more.  This marked the birth of Realityworks.

Originally marketed under the name Baby Think It Over®, the program proudly received Fortune magazine's coveted “Product of the Year” award.

In 2005, Rick and Mary stepped away from the day-to-day operations of the company to pursue other interests. They serve on the Realityworks board of directors as advocates of the Realityworks mission—to improve the human condition around the globe by enabling educators to show the probable outcomes of behaviors and choices.

Executive leadership and a team of managers ensure that Realityworks brings innovative, relevant and quality products to the market in the tradition of experiential learning, creative technology to improve life, and collaborative research and development.

Realityworks has expanded its reach around the world to impact countless lives. We are proud to create meaningful and measurable true-to-life experiences that help people make healthy choices and make the world a safer, healthier place.

Realityworks Awards

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