Announcing a New Tool for Training High-Quality Welders: The RealCareer™ Bend Tester

By Jamey McIntosh, RealCareer™ Product Manager

With companies paying more and more attention to welding codes and qualification standards, the need to train high-quality welders is everywhere – and so is the need for products and programs that can help provide that training. Any facility, school or college that trains welders can benefit from high-quality training and qualification products. The new RealCareer Bend Tester can help.


The Bend Tester is a tabletop-size machine that conforms to AWS D1.1 specifications for guided bend testing. Not only can the Bend Tester bend up to 3/8 inch mild steel, but it includes comprehensive curriculum that walks both instructors and students through the bend testing qualification process.

With a guided bend tester, welding educators can empower their students to prepare for qualification tests and train to become certified. Welding students can see the true quality of their welds and validate the need to follow proper practices and procedures determined by welding codes. This exposure to welding qualification can give students a leg up when it comes to qualifying welds because they understand what is expected and have confidence in their ability to meet weld qualification standards.

The Bend Tester comes with two posters: One poster depicts machine operation basics and one poster enables students to verify whether their bended welds would be considered qualified by a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI).

Additionally, we have included a comprehensive, 8-lesson curriculum to ensure that both instructors and students understand how to qualify a weld through bending. The curriculum provides the instructor with detailed instruction on the proper ways to qualify welds. This includes:

  • Proper preparation of the metal you will be using for testing
  • Proper welding techniques for the weld you are going to be testing
  • Proper cutting and preparation of the metal that you will be bending
  • Proper bending techniques
  • Proper assessment standards to determine whether your welds would be considered qualified

PowerPoint slides, notes, handouts, assignments and other supporting materials are included. Click here to download a free poster that details the Bend Tester parts and pieces.


In a world where titles and certification carry weight, and the need for high-quality welders will only continue to grow, the ability to equip your students with high-quality skills will only help them succeed in welding career paths. This product is a complete testing package for your students to understand, practice and evaluate the quality of their welds. It also helps instructors and students alike gain understanding of quality welding. Consider this to be a training tool for the future employment of your student welders!

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