Announcing Free Welding Career Exploration Curriculum

By Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager and curriculum specialist

Welding is widely used in many areas, including construction, manufacturing and other industries. A background in welding can also lead to opportunities in education and management. Unfortunately, the gap between the skills job-seekers have and the skills employers need is continuously widening; the American Welding Society estimates that by 2020, there will be a shortage of 290,000 welding professionals.

We want to do our part to prepare today’s students with job-specific technical skills and provide them with essential opportunities to learn more about these needed careers. That’s why we created our RealCareer Welding Career Exploration curriculum, which takes a closer look at the variety of welding career opportunities available today.

Our RealCareer Welding Career Exploration curriculum contains six lessons that examine the variety of welding careers available today.

In this free, six-lesson curriculum, students participate in a series of activities, research projects and more. Each lesson includes specific step-by-step instructions, measurable objectives, and materials lists. The curriculum aligns to the Common Career Technical Core standards.

Lessons topics include:

  1. Careers in Manufacturing and Production Welding
  2. Career Opportunities in Welding Fabrication.
  3. A Day in the Life of a Welding Engineer.
  4. Exploring a Career in Welding Quality Assurance or as a Certified Welding Inspector
  5. Looking Into a Career as a Pipe Welder.
  6. Exploration of Other Welding-Related Careers.

To access our RealCareer Welding Career Exploration curriculum, click here.

Looking for more career exploration resources for career & technical education programs? Consider the additional curricula we offer:

  • RealCareer Employability Skills curriculum. This free curriculum was created to help students in any program learn the important soft skills needed to prepare for a careers. It features six lessons, which can be used as a standalone unit or as a supplement to an existing career exploration program.
  • Using the RealCare Program for Career Exploration curriculum. Created to help family & consumer science and health education students meet important college and career-ready standards, the five lessons in this curriculum use our RealCare Total Parenting Experience products as springboards for career exploration.

How do you plan to implement this career exploration curriculum in your welding program? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. I would love to give this additional information out to my students. It is great to see that there are other out there willing to offer free information to young welding students! Thank you.

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