Are Infant Safety Seats a Royal Pain??

car seat
As the world got its first glimpse of the “royal baby” this week, safety-conscious parents noticed that the future King of England was not strapped properly into his car seat.  There were three common mistakes made that many new parents make.

First, the baby was still swaddled while in the car seat – a big no-no, since it meant that the seat’s shoulder straps could not be placed around the one-day-old baby’s arms correctly.  Second, the straps weren’t nearly tight enough to prevent the child from falling out. By most standards, the straps should be tight enough that only one or two fingers can fit between the child’s chest and the straps. And third, the car seat’s carrying handle was still up after the seat had been clipped into its back-seat base; many manufacturers recommend the handle be pushed down once the seat is in.

It isn’t just about how the infant is secured in the car.  Infant safety restraints are worth the extra trouble.  In the United States, deaths of children ages 1-3 in car crashes have dropped more than 50 percent in the past three decades!  Here is a good reminder of what is recommended:

Up until age 2, children should be placed in rear-facing car seats, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Children older than age 2 who have outgrown rear-facing seats should use forward-facing seats. Older children should sit in booster seats until the child reaches a height of 4 feet 9 inches.

“Parents are more likely to secure young children in safety restraints in vehicles if the use of such restraints is mandated by laws, according to a recent analysis of practices in the U.S. and Canada.”

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The Basic Infant Care curriculum includes lessons on First Aid and safety.  Car seat safety is just one of the topics included in these lessons.  There are also car seat detection kits available that track time in the car seat .  We want to encourage participants to hold and interact with Baby when they are not in the car.

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