Baby Think it Over…Really – Memories from a parent

This past week was a real eye-opener for our daughter, Pat.  She took care of a RealCare Baby as a school assignment and it was quite a sight!

Pat wanted to take the Baby in public places, so I waited to do my errands until she got out of school.  At first she thought it was cool; she even ran into some school mates, but after the fifth stop she was ready to be done. Her response: “Mama, my feet and arms hurt so bad from carrying her. Can we just go home?”  I said “Yes, but after we get the groceries on the list”.  I wanted her to see that with a baby, you sometimes have to keep going to get your errands done!

While we were out, one lady thought the Baby was real because of how careful Pat was handling it.  She said Pat looked too young to have a baby. Getting the reactions from people in the community was a real eye-opener as well.

Pat knows many girls that are either pregnant or already have babies.  I reminded her that she gets to return this Baby, and told her to think about if it were a real baby like one of her friends has, that baby is real, and is a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week responsibility.  Pat has told me that one girl was complaining that her 2-year-old baby kept her up last night and she is having a real tough time trying to wake up for school.  I said, “Now aren’t you so glad this project is not real?”.

The final night, Pat’s Dad wanted to see the Baby.  She was so worried to have him hold it in case he would do something wrong.  We had a good laugh because he had done it a time or two already!  He picked up the Baby really carefully and acted like he was burping her.  It was so cute; Pat said, “Daddy, if you don’t be careful she will die!”.  He said “Yes, I know!”.

When the project was over, Pat said she wasn’t going to have a baby until she was at least 21! I told her that was a great idea; be a child first.  My daughter learned a great lesson here. I believe this school project is the greatest they have come up with!

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