20 Free Resources for Teaching Child Development Topics Online

20 Free Resources for Teaching Child Development Topics Online

Family and Consumer Sciences teachers are known for their engaging classrooms. In a recent webinar, Realityworks Product Manager Denise Bodart shared 20 free resources for teaching child development such as reproduction and pregnancy, fetal development, infant and toddler development. These resources can keep students engaged across many different learning environments.

This blog will include example resources for Human Reproduction. Denise pulled together similar resources for other topics, including Pregnancy, Fetal Development, Infant and Toddler Development, and Infant Health and Safety. Watch this 30-minute webinar for additional free resources useful in a variety of classroom settings.

Human Reproduction Videos

Video resources are an excellent asset for teaching in-person and remotely as links can be easily shared with students at home. There are numerous free videos available online and Denise shares some of her favorites in this webinar.

  • Ideal for upper-grade high-schoolers, this 45-minute video is ideal for teaching the reproduction process in humans as it includes male and female systems as well as fertilization and genetics.
  • Great for using with a female anatomical model, this female reproduction video can inspire you to make your own video to share with students or use the already completed version.
  • This short, targeted reproduction video uses 3D animation to show the male reproductive system.

Human Reproduction Online Activities

Interactive websites are ideal for virtual students and teachers who are looking for that engaging online anatomy activity.

  • Full of clickable fields to learn more, this website offers a plethora of details for students to grow their understanding of human reproduction.

New FCS products

Realityworks’ Online Curricula

Realityworks curricula is now available online and comes with a variety of resources such as presentation slides and notes, worksheets, assessments, activities and more.

  • As part of the RealCare Baby Curricula, our Healthy Choices Curriculum includes a two page handout called Reproduction Systems, Fertilization, Conception.
  • Realityworks curriculum is very adaptable for a variety of learning environments. The handout could be posted as a google doc in an LMS, sent via email, included in a packet, or completed in person.
  • Included presentation slides with instruction notes allow you to record a lecture for your remote students.

Career Exploration

Career exploration lessons make learning relevant to everyday life by exposing students to potential jobs and careers. These Realityworks career lessons start with students brainstorming any applicable careers and then students pick a career to research and prepare a 5-minute presentation. A great way to finish this type of lesson is to bring in community members working in some of the careers such as social workers, pediatricians, nurses, etc. All the activities are adaptable to an online learning environment with use of virtual meeting platforms.

NEW Resource for Teaching Child Development Online

Realityworks’ new online Child Development Course is an excellent resource for teaching virtually or in-person. You can access our free trial lesson to get a sample of this robust course that features:

  • Separate teacher and student dashboards
  • Self-paced learning and/or teacher directed lessons
  • Guidance through each lesson with a progress monitor sidebar
  • Practical application of soft skills scenarios and activities
  • Teacher guide complete with implementation ideas
  • 100+ interactive ways to engage students including videos, animations, puzzles, self-checks
  • Completed exercises submission to instructors
  • 26 lessons for 20-25 hours of course content
  • Pre- and post-assessments
  • A certificate of completion

Don’t forget! Explore similar educational materials for topics including pregnancy, fetal development, infant and toddler development in this 20 Free Resources for Teaching Child Development Topics Online webinar. All links mentioned in the webinar are also available in this convenient document.

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