Classroom Kits and Soft Skill Lessons Are a Perfect Match

Classroom Kits and Soft Skill Lessons Are a Perfect Match

Join our email listClassroom kits are easy to use and offer engaging, out-of-the-box learning experiences for students. Better yet, those learning experiences address both hard and soft skills. As we recently discussed, any assignment that involves collaboration will help your students hone their ability to work in teams, an essential soft skill. Another benefit of these classroom kits are the manipulatives that accompany them. Manipulatives give students a deeper understanding of complex concepts, and makes lessons real. The more relevant you can make your lessons, the more your students will engage with the content and connect what you’re teaching them with their own futures.

Keep reading to learn more about the classroom kits we offer, and the curriculum, student activities, and hands-on learning tools they include. You’ll discover fun, engaging ways to bring your lessons to life – and make lesson planning easier.

How can these kits benefit your classroom?

  • Hands-on tools quickly engage students and provide tactile learning
  • Manipulatives give students a deeper understanding of complex concepts
  • Students are able to interact and learn from one another
  • Lesson plans are provided for easy implementation
  • Activities and assessments integrate different learning methods to reach all students
  • Scenario-based learning promotes soft skill development

Kits for every pathway

Do you teach culinary topics? Welding? Early childhood development? Our kits address a variety of in-demand pathways, from culinary topics like food truck design and knife skills to skilled trades concepts like measurement math.

Classroom kits for health science, EMT and sports medicine programs:

Specific to medical assisting, allied health, nursing and CNA programs, these kits offer ready-to-use solutions for teaching foundational skills.

Better yet, they include everything you need to address essential lessons. Take a look:

Our top health science classroom kits:

See them all here.

Classroom kits for skilled trade programs:

Designed to address essential concepts within electrical wiring, welding and  measurement math, these training kits offer out-of-the-box teaching solutions.

For instance, our Weld Defects Kit includes everything you need to address common weld defects and discontinuities:

Our top trade skills classroom kits:

See all our trade skills training kits here.

Classroom kits for Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) programs:

From Food Truck Design to human reproductive systems, these ready-to-use kits offer hands-on activities, lessons and assessments for a variety of content areas.

Take a look at our Food Science and Nutrition Lab Kit:

Our top FCS classroom kits include:

See them all here.

Classroom kits for agriculture programs

Whether you’re focusing on veterinary science topics or bovine skills, these classroom kits offer ready-to-use solutions for ag programs. Take a look:

Our top agriculture classroom kits include:

See all our agriculture training kits here.

Research continues to tell us that across the country, businesses of all kinds are prioritizing soft skills like problem-solving, time management and work ethic over technical, job-related skills. With classroom kits that incorporate these skills as well as technical, job-specific skills, your students will be that much more prepared for future success.

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