These Ag Teachers Are Transforming Their Students’ Learning Experiences

These Ag Teachers Are Transforming Their Students’ Learning Experiences

When first we spoke with Texas agriculture teachers Denisa Espinosa and Melissa Barnett a few months ago, their excitement was palpable. The two educators were preparing to wrap their first year teaching at the brand-new Technology, Exploration and Career Center West (TECC-W) in Lewisville. We spotted photos of their students using our agriculture learning aids on social media, and Denisa and Melissa agreed to speak with us. From the moment the conversation began, it was clear that these passionate teachers were determined to give their students as much hands-on learning experiences as possible, even in a pandemic year.

TECC-W Testimonial video

“The first time that we used them and they realized that the models opened up and had organs inside of them, it was like Scavenger Hunt/Puzzle Day,” said Veterinary Science Teacher Denisa Espinosa. “The students were so excited to try to put them back together in the right way. It was such a great way for them to learn, without really even knowing they were learning.”

Through an engaging and informative Zoom interview, we learned how Denisa and Melissa use our animal models and simulators in their Veterinary Science and Animal Science programs… sometimes in ways we never even considered! Their goal: to prepare students for the rigorous internships and on-the-job experiences the specialized career training center offered in its college-articulated programs.

Our favorite video interview moments

Watch the above video to see our favorite moments from their video interview. You’ll learn why Denisa  and Melissa prioritize hands-on learning in their classroom. You’ll also learn how they are using interactive models and realistic simulators to keep their students engaged and prepare them for real careers.

The photos that started it all: Below, TECC-W students use our learning aids in their classroom:

Agriculture learning aids on social

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