Here at Realityworks, Teacher Appreciation is Different

“Appreciation,” as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, means recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. While this definition in words is clear as to what “appreciation” is, here at Realityworks, we define it slightly differently when we think of Teacher Appreciation. 

Over the past 25 years, our company has been connecting and partnering with educators around the world. They help us to gain an understanding of what is happening in their classrooms and how we can aid in the education process by creating interactive and hands-on learning tools. Through these connections and partnerships, we have gained brilliant ideas that have helped our company grow in the number of products and markets served. What we have truly learned, outside of product ideas, is that teachers are the leaders of the next generations. Teachers are helping shape the ideas, goals, and values of future generations of students. And for that, we appreciate you and we thank you. 

We surveyed Realityworks employees who have had the opportunity to work with teachers. We took their feedback and created a word cloud representing what stood out to each of us as we connected with educators. 

To us, Teacher Appreciation is listening to educators, engaging with them and learning from them. We are inspired each day by what educators do and for that, we thank you, educators!


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