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Using the Curriculum with the Business Education Simulations
Realityworks' RealCareer® Business Education Simulations (BES) challenge students to make real-world business decisions while running their own virtual businesses. When implemented with the included curriculum, these simulations challenge students to not only run their own virtual businesses but engage in thought-provoking discussions, apply critical thinking skills, evaluate their options and examine their decisions. In this free, 30-minute webinar, BES Product Manager Denise Bodart explores the 15 lessons, step-by-step facilitation instructions, slide presentations, assessment tools, activities and handouts that are included with the simulations.

Webinar (20:45 min)

Using Simulation Technology to Ignite Business & Marketing Career Exploration
Whether you already use our RealCareer® Business Education Simulations in your business classroom or are looking for a way to offer your business students valuable career exploration opportunities, our new business career exploration curriculum can help you provide opportunities to explore careers related to business management, business finance and entrepreneurship.

Webinar (21:00 min)

Integrating RealCareer Employability Skills Curriculum Into Your Program
During this 30-minute webinar, RealCare Product Manager & Curriculum Specialist Denise Bodart reviews Realityworks' free RealCareer Employability Skills curriculum. This curriculum includes six lessons designed to help Career and Technical Education profesionals teach their students the employability skills, or soft skills, that are necessary for getting, keeping and performing well on any job. View this webinar to learn more about the lessons, activities and assessments offered in our latest curriculum. 

Webinar (30:58 min)

Using the Power of Simulation Technology to Enhance Your Business Education Program
In this 30-minute webinar, RealCareer Product Manager Jamey McIntosh joins RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart to discuss the benefits of the Business Education Simulations from Realityworks. Learn how each of the three simulations put students in control of their learning by having them run a virtual business in an online simulation, make critical decisions and use problem-solving skills as they try to become successful. A preview of each simulation and a review of the comprehensive curriculum is also offered. 

Webinar (27:26 min)

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