Business teachers, are you ready to teach 21st Century students?

By Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager

21st Century Learning is a technology-based learning style. To effectively communicate, collaborate and create with 21st Century students, teachers of all subjects need to utilize today’s technology. Although brick-and-mortar school buildings have remained relatively the same over the past century, the advancement of technology means the tools available to instructors are completely different. For instance, RealityworksRealCareer® Business Education Simulations are a great way to connect today’s students with the marketing and finance that concepts business teachers are covering in the classroom.

Why are tools like this so effective? The following chart, created by Like to Write, is a great visual for seeing the differences that 21st Century learners bring to the classroom:


These differences mean that simulation technology is a very effective engagement tool. This is because simulations allow for:

Creating. Students are comfortable with this medium of learning and therefore create new ways of doing business, working to use innovation to be successful.

Evaluation and analysis. Simulations create a platform on which students need to evaluate analyze their decisions, and understand the consequences of those decisions.

Applying and understanding. Students apply the concepts that they learn in the classroom and put them to work in the simulation experience, connecting business concepts with real-world understanding.

Remembering. Simulation experiences of failure or victory give rise for remembering what to do differently or what to replicate.

Additionally, generational learners react positively to simulations and find them engaging because they are used to video gaming technology. Thanks to the internet and social media, today’s students are used to the immediate feedback that simulation tools like this one provide; the ability to see the impact of their decisions forces them to learn and rethink efficiently.

For more resources on 21st Century learning styles and teaching techniques, we recommend the following websites:

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