Can we lose the (RealCare) Baby Weight?

by Stacy Knudson, Realityworks Account Services Representative

“Baby, I Shrunk the Employees,” an eight- week all-employee weight loss challenge for Realityworks team members, kicked off Tuesday!

Realityworks team members kicked off their 8-week all-employee weight-loss challenge with a presentation about healthy habits.

Why would the Realityworks team begin this journey together? Our customers’ dedication to helping students lead healthy lives has always inspired us! Since the debut of our Healthy Choices Sex Education Program, we’ve realized we want to be
healthy ourselves while encouraging positive habits among others.

Throughout this challenge, Realityworks employees are encouraged to engage in a fun, healthy program to get on the right track before the holidays. As an added incentive, a friendly weight-loss competition with prizes is added into the mix!

Various resources are offered to support employees: activities such as walking, bicycling, dancing and workout DVDs, online health apps, healthy potluck, a chili cook-off, smoothie-tasting, a stretching demonstration, and nurse-led presentations about “awareness” and “maintenance.”

“Baby, I Shrunk the Employees” builds upon this summer’s Health Risk Assessments. Employees had the on-site opportunity to have vital stats tested and recorded by a health professional.

Creative team names add to the fun, and include Weight-To-Go, Mini-Mees, Soon 2B Skinniers, In It to Lose It, Weapons of Mass Reduction, Take It Off Baby, and Thinner Winners, and others.

For every collective eight pounds we lose, we’ll drop the equivalent of one RealCare Baby! There’s an image we can strive for!

Weigh-ins are confidential, with individuals reporting only percentage of weight change, with a collective weight recorded at the beginning and end.

Employees have been encouraged to lose weight safely, utilizing a healthy diet and exercise, consulting a doctor as needed.

We hope this will be the start of a lifetime of healthy habits!

Have you ever participated in a workplace weight loss challenge like this? Share your story in the comments below! 

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