Career Exploration Curriculum - RealCare Program

Created to help students meet important college and career-ready standards, our Using the RealCare Program for Career Exploration curriculum contains five hands-on career exploration lessons. Four of those lessons use our RealCare Total Parenting Experience products – RealCare® Pregnancy Profile Simulator, RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby and RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby, RealCare® Baby and RealCare™ Shaken Baby – as springboards for career exploration, and one lesson focuses on writing effective resumes and cover letters.  

Use the following links to download the entire career exploration curriculum or the lessons associated with each RealCare product:

  1. Using the RealCare Program for Career Exploration complete curriculum
  2. Pregnancy Profile Simulator: Exploration of Childbirth-Related Careers
  3. Drug-Affected and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby: Careers in Substance Abuse Prevention During Pregnancy
  4. RealCare Baby: Exploration of Careers Related to Infants in Education and Human Services
  5. Shaken Baby: Career Exploration in Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention, Education and Treatment
  6. Writing an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

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