Career Exploration Curriculum - RealCareer Welding

A background in welding can lead to opportunities in education and management, especially with the demand and need for skilled welders. This curriculum takes a closer look at welding the variety of opportunities available today. This free six-lesson curriculum can be used as a supplement to your current welding program content or as a standalone unit for approximately 1-2 weeks.  

Use the following links to download the entire career exploration curriculum or the lessons associated with specific career pathways:

  1. Welding Career Exploration Intro
  2. Careers in Manufacturing and Production Welding - Lesson 1
  3. Career Opportunities in Welding Fabrication - Lesson 2
  4. A Day in the Life of a Welding Engineer - Lesson 3
  5. Exploring a Welding Quality Assurance
    or Certified Welding Inspector Career - Lesson 4
  6. Looking Into a Career as a Pipe Welder - Lesson 5
  7. Exploration of Other Welding Related Careers - Lesson 6

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