Anatomical Models

Our line of anatomical models makes a great addition to any program focusing on the internal and external structures of the human body. Use the links below to learn how our models can help you create an engaging classroom.

  1. Human Body Systems Human Body Systems
  2. Pelvic Models Pelvic Models
  3. Urinary Models Urinary Models
  4. Human Skeleton Models Human Skeleton Models
  5. Muscular Figures Muscular Figures
  6. Pathological Model of Uterus Pathological Model of Uterus
  7. Skin Model Skin Model
  8. Human Heart Model Human Heart Model
  9. Brain and Cerebral Arteries Model Brain and Cerebral Arteries Model
  10. Human Torso Models Human Torso Models
  11. Diabetes Education Diabetes Education
  12. Human Foot Model Human Foot Model

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