Wearable Simulators

The RealCare® Pregnancy Profile® Simulator combines a weighted pregnancy vest (including a water bladder, rib constrictor belt and weight bag) with comprehensive curriculum to help educators teach the physical, emotional and social impacts of pregnancy and its impact on life goals, finances, relationships and more. The RealCare™ Geriatric Simulator combines a sensitivity suit (including a weight vest, ankle weights, wrist weights, elbow restraints, knee restraints, gloves, cervical collar, visual impairment glasses and a walker) with comprehensive curriculum to help educators teach topics related to aging and care for the elderly, and help participants develop empathy and understanding towards the elderly.

Learn more about these wearable simulators by clicking on the below links.

  1. Pregnancy Profile® Simulator Pregnancy Profile® Simulator
  2. Geriatric Simulator Geriatric Simulator
  3. Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit Geriatric Sensory Impairment Kit

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