Sex Education

Go beyond simply informing your students of issues related to human sexuality with Realityworks’ Healthy Choices Sex Education Program. A powerful combination of simulation experiences, real-world decision-making activities and curriculum that aligns to Common Core, National Sexuality and Health Education Standards, this program brings sex education lessons to life and makes them truly memorable. Through this program, students will experience the consequences of real-world decisions made on sexuality, relationships, STIs, pregnancy, communication and substance abuse – experience that independent researchers have proven is effective in changing decision-shaping attitudes and belief systems.

Pathway Packages

  1. RealCare Baby® 3 RealCare Baby® 3
  2. Shaken Baby Shaken Baby
  3. Pregnancy Profile® Simulator Pregnancy Profile® Simulator
  4. Drug-Affected Baby Drug-Affected Baby
  5. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby
  6. Preemie Baby Preemie Baby
  7. Human Reproductive Systems Kit Human Reproductive Systems Kit
  8. Pregnancy Models Pregnancy Models
  9. Storage Solutions Storage Solutions

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