From our Product Support Team: 3 Steps to Transferring RealCare Baby® Report Data to a New Computer

By Nate Schlieve, Realityworks Product Support Technician


Switching computers in time for the new school year? Follow these 3 steps to transfer old RealCare Baby® simulation reports to your new computer!

Step 1: Locate the data file that contains all the information needed to restore your RealCare® Control Center Software settings, Babies and Baby Report Data you’ve previously been using.

  • On a PC (prior to Vista):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Realityworks\Control Center

  • On a PC with Vista:

C:\Program Data\Realityworks\Control Center

(Please note that it is Program Data, NOT Program Files)

  • On a PC (Windows 7 and 8.1):

C:\Program Data\Realityworks\Control Center

  • On a Mac OS:

hd/users/{your user name}/documents/realityworks/control center

In all cases, you are looking for a file called data.

Step 2: Save the data file onto a jump drive or a specific folder on your computer network, like a temporary folder.

Step 3: On your new computer, retrieve the data file and re-save it to the original path location.

If needed, share these steps with your IT technician to transfer old simulation reports to your new computer.

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