Getting Started with RealCare Baby: 3 Steps New Program Users Should Take

By Samantha Forehand, Realityworks Marketing Communications Manager

“Help! I’m a new RealCare® Baby Program user. Where do I begin?”

Beginning a brand-new educational program or inheriting an existing one isn’t always easy, but thanks to our Product Support Team, knowing where to go to get started is.

One of questions our Product Support Team receives most frequently is, ‘Where do I being with RealCare Baby?” Whether you are just beginning RealCare Baby Program or inheriting a current one, we have the resources to get you started running a successful program of your own.

Here are the three steps we recommend new RealCare Baby Program Users take:

Step 1: Watch RealCare Product Manager Denise Bodart’s 30-minute webinar, “Where do I Begin with RealCare Baby?
This webinar features a review of what’s included with RealCare Baby 3, how to add and program RealCare Baby and how to interpret the post-simulation report

Step 2: Get to know Baby, what’s included with Baby and what you need to run your program.

Which version of Baby do you have? If you’ve inherited an existing program and need to verify which version of Baby you already have, click here.

What do you need to run Baby? Each RealCare Baby 3 includes a two-piece outfit, sleeper, infant bodysuit, set of color-coded diapers, bottle, ID with wristband and a charger. You will also need Control Center Software and an XStick for programming and reporting.

Can you get updated versions of the Control Center Software? Yes, updates are FREE. Download an updated version here.

What do the three lights on Baby’s back mean? Click here to watch a 1-minute review of these lights so you always know what Baby is trying to tell you!

Step 3: Review our Product Support Center for additional video tutorials, FAQs and downloads that will help you jumpstart your program.

Completion certificates, birth certificates, Control Center Software programming and reporting tips and participant experience information are just a few of the resources you’ll find in our online Product Support Center.

In the 20 years since RealCare Baby was born, we have diligently worked with educators and program supporters to update Baby and its supporting materials. Take the time to explore these resources so you can deploy the most impactful program possible. If you need additional support or resources, our Product Support team can be contacted via email or by phone: or 800.830.1416. They are always happy to help!

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