Help Your Students Explore Infant-Related Careers with this Free Lesson

By Denise Bodart, RealCare Product Manager

We all know how important it is to prepare students for college and career; our increasingly competitive global economy demands it. One way to help ensure your students are college-and career-ready is to provide them with opportunities to explore career pathways relates to your program – and we can help. Our free Using the RealCare Program for Career Exploration curriculum contains five hands-on career exploration lessons, one of which uses RealCare® Baby as a springboard for discussion of infant-related careers.

Our free “Exploration of Careers Related to Infants in Education and Human Services” lesson uses RealCare Baby as a springboard into the discussion of infant-related careers.

If you already use RealCare Baby in your program, you know how powerful it is for participants to experience living the life of a teen parent. While participants quickly come to realize that being a parent is a full-time job, you can also use the simulation experience as a springboard for discussion of careers that involve working with infants.

The Exploration of Careers Related to Infants in Education and Human Services lesson includes career cluster definitions; opportunities to identify, research and explore career opportunities; presentation options and more. We recommend concluding this lesson with a career panel discussion, which you can coordinate by inviting local childcare professionals, human services professionals, social workers, adoption coordinators or program associates to share their professional experiences and the impact they have on the life of an infant.

Download this free lesson or the entire curriculum by clicking here, then let us know how you plan to use it in the comments!

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