Highlights from the RealCare Curriculum: Breastfeeding versus Formula Feeding

By Denise Bodart, Realityworks RealCare Product Manager

In addition to offering powerful experiential learning products, RealityworksRealCare product line also offers effective, standards-based curriculum. This blog series highlights various activities, lessons and free downloads from the curriculum to help educators make the most of their tools.

For this post, we’re focusing on lesson 2.4 from our Basic Infant Care curriculum, which uses RealCare Baby in many of the lessons to provide hands-on, in-class practice on basic caregiving skills. This lesson, Holding and Feeding, gives participants practice picking up, holding and carrying an infant so that the infant feels safe and secure. Techniques and information about holding and feeding an infant are provided. The lesson concludes with a discussion activity about the pros and cons of breastfeeding versus formula feeding, which you can download for free below.

The “Holding and Feeding” lesson included in our Basic Infant Care curriculum gives students hands-on practice picking up, holding, carrying and feeding infants.

The small group activity is a great way to end a lesson on feeding an infant. Participants will use critical thinking skills to compare, contrast or debate the pros and cons of both breastfeeding and formula feeding an infant. This will help them apply the content that they learned earlier in the lesson.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Divide participants into groups of four and give each participant a copy of the Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding
  2. Have each participant within the group fill in one quadrant, then share their ideas with each other to complete all quadrants, contributing additional ideas as they see fit.
  3. Ask for volunteers to share their ideas.
  4. Display the answer key slides and see how the answers on the slides compare to the small group student answers.

Download our free breastfeeding versus formula feeding activity here and the answer key slides here to conduct this activity in your own classroom.