I Found a Box of Old Babies in the Closet… Now What?

By Stacy Knudson, Realityworks Sales Administration Specialist


“I found a box of old Babies in the closet… now what?”

This is a common call for Realityworks‘ Account Services team, and we’re happy to help you sort through your discovery!

STEP 1: Contact your Realityworks team. Your Account Manager and/or your Account Services Representative can be reached at 800-830-1416, option 1, or by emailing information@realityworks.com.

STEP 2: Chat with us. We’ll ask you some questions and review current models to help you determine which infant simulators you have:

  • The RealCare Baby® 3 infant simulator is our current model. It is programmed with RealCare® Control Center Software, and uses rechargeable batteries.
  • RealCare Baby II+ is the previous model. It can be programmed with Control Center Software OR with a Handheld Control Unit, but the Handheld Control Unit has been discontinued.
  • Any model prior to RealCare Baby 3 is considered obsolete. Furthermore, any Babies out of warranty are no longer supported regarding repairs, etc.

Here are some of the questions we will ask:

STEP 3: Your Realityworks team will make a recommendation to best fit your needs. We will thoroughly explain your options and send a written quote. If you need various quotes showing various options, we can accommodate.

STEP 4: Trade your old Babies in for credit (and recycling)! With our RealCare Baby Trade-In Program, you can trade in old versions of RealCare Baby or Baby Think It Over® for credit towards RealCare Baby 3. How? Simply turn in any old, functioning or non-functioning simulator, and we’ll give you a one-for-one discount of $50 per trade-in. The more you turn in, the more you save! Learn more about our trade-in program here.

Additional resources:

  • Learn more online by completing our RealCare Baby Program Health Assessment to determine which Babies you have and whether your program needs updating
  • Learn how our trade-in program is impacting the environment here

Do you have a question for our Account Services Team? Contact us by calling 1-800-830-1416 or emailing information@realityworks.com

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