Keeping your RealCare Baby Program organized

The RealCare Baby program is essential to my Child Development class. But the task of keeping items organized is never ending.  To help me keep things in order and easy to deploy, I have designed a manageable system.

The following system has helped me immensely this year and I hope it can help you too!

I store all babies are stored in the cart.  Each Baby has a lanyard around its neck with an attached freezer bag.  The front of the bag is marked with the Baby’s ID number. The items included in the bag are necessary for the student’s RealCare Baby project. The items are: second diaper, baby bottle with lid, student care card, ID’s and wristbands, check in/out sheets for student.

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This system has helped because everything that the student needs is attached and ready to be checked out. When the student returns, the items are checked that they are all included in the bag. This is a huge time saver for me and for my students.

I hope you can use my system to help organize your RealCare Baby Program and make even more effective for your students!

Written by Lyn Bratten, Family Consumer Science Teacher and CTE Department Chair from Byron Nelson High School in Trophy Club, TX.  and RealCare Customer Advisory Council Member

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