New FAQ: How do I handle a blended program of RealCare Baby 3 and II-plus models?

Question: How do I successfully blend the use of RealCare Baby 3 models and RealCare Baby II-plus models in my RealCare Program?

Answer: Because RealCare Baby II-plus and 3 are both programmed using Control Center Software, there programming process is exactly the same for each model. The difference, however, lies in the reporting after the simulation is complete.

The difference is in the reporting after the simulation is complete. RealCare Baby II-plus reports are one page in length, and includes the performance grade of the care events or mishandle events during the

RealCare Baby 3 reports have the same first page as RealCare Baby II-plus; however, there is an additional second page that summarizes new data that’s now reported with this newer model: ambient temperature, clothing changes and carseat time.

The information on page 2 of the RealCare Baby 3 report is not part of the performance grade on page 1. It is included for use as a “talking point” with students. However, instructors may develop their own rubric to assess this performance data.

If your program has a transition period where you’re using both RealCare Baby II-plus models and RealCare Baby 3 models, here are a few management tips:

  • Allow students to volunteer to be assigned to an “advanced” model that will record “extra credit” data.  Assign these students the 3 models. Create a rubric around the page 2 performance data and use this as an “extra credit” assignment grade.
  • Donate your RealCare Baby II-plus models to a local middle school for use as their beginner models, then use the RealCare Baby 3 models at the high school to provide the more advanced program.
  • Do not tell students that there is a difference. Assign both models randomly and allow students to have the same simulation experience regardless of the model.  When reports are printed at the end, you can choose to share the additional data with students with RealCare Baby 3 if you wish.
  • Put student names in a drawing and randomly choose which Baby model they will be assigned. You can explain that anyone with a RealCare Baby 3 will receive additional performance data on the report at the end so they know to expect that.
  • If you have more than one section or class that you use Baby for, choose RealCare Baby 2+ for one class (i.e. Parenting) and RealCare Baby 3 for the other (Child Development).

Additional FAQs can be found in our online Product Support pages!

How do you manage the use of both RealCare Baby 3 and RealCare Baby II-plus models? Share your feedback for other educators in the comments below!

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