NEW: RealCare Participant Care Video/DVD

Realityworks is excited to announce the release of a newly updated RealCare Participant Care Video/DVD featuring RealCare Baby 3.  This new video, with a running time of 08:40, is a great resource to use with your students prior to the simulation experience.  This helpful video focuses on the four care events that participants will need to successfully handle while Baby is in their care – burping, rocking, feeding and changing the diaper.  It also demonstrates how to properly support Baby’s head and avoid mishandling and abuse.

The video features a variety of students working with the RealCare Baby 3 infant simulator and takes you step-by-step how to successfully care for Baby.  This video will help your students feel more comfortable and prepared to take RealCare Baby 3 home.

Click here to view the instructional video.

This instructional video is available FREE on our website via a link found in the product support section.  It is also available in DVD format and may be purchased through our online store.   This DVD will also be included in all new starter kits (software and X-sticks) purchased by customers.

We hope you will find this newly updated resource helpful and informative.  The video includes both English and Spanish versions.

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