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Realityworks Donates Total Parenting Experience Package to Arkansas School

To honor company founder’s father, Crossett High School receives donation of simulators for Family and
Consumer Science classroom

Realityworks, Inc. donated a Total Parenting Experience (TPE) package to Crossett High School in Crossett,
Arkansas this past October. The donation was made to honor company founder Mary Jurmain’s father, Curt
Mills. Mr. Mills was a graduate of Crossett High School in 1946.

The Total Parenting Experience walks participants through critical skills that address pregnancy, substance use
while a baby is in utero, infant care skills and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Each stage of TPE has a curriculum and
hands-on learning component to help bring lessons to life. The components include a Pregnancy Profile vest to
simulate the third trimester of pregnancy, models of infants affected by drugs and alcohol, a computerized
infant simulator called RealCare Baby 3, and a Shaken Baby Syndrome infant simulator.

“We are excited to be making this donation in honor of Mary’s late father, Curt Mills. Mr. Mills was a strong
supporter of the Jurmains in creating Realityworks. It was in part due to his support, care, and encouragement
that our company operates today,” says Scott Jameson, Director of Marketing at Realityworks, Inc. “The Total
Parenting Experience has impacted more than 6 million young people in over 89 countries worldwide, and we
look forward to hearing how it impacts the students of Crossett High School.”

Realityworks, formally known as Baby Think It Over, has been in schools and organizations around the world
since 1994.

For more information on Realityworks and the Total Parenting Experience, visit
or call 800-830-1416.

About Realityworks, Inc.
Realityworks, Inc. is the leader in experiential learning technology – providing life-changing, interactive
educational products since 1994. Its award-winning programs provide students with realistic learning
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