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Realityworks, Inc. Releases a New Product: The teachWELD™ Welding Simulator

Experiential learning technology company develops a new product to encourage career exploration and fill the skills gap

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (August 15, 2012) – Realityworks, Inc. recently announced the release of a new product –
the teachWELD™ Welding Simulator. The company best known for its RealCare Baby infant simulators has
taken the simulation concept and created a hands-on simulator for practicing welding and teaching various
welding techniques.

The teachWELD Welding Simulator incorporates hardware, software and curriculum. Its online, game-like
interface gives students a hands-on learning experience in basic welding form and proper technique within a
safe virtual environment. Students’ learning is evaluated through diagnostic & welding integrity assessments
for each welding exercise. This allows instructors to manage the classroom more efficiently and gives students more one-on-one instruction time.

“I am really excited about the teachWELD Welding Simulator; it is so versatile and offers so many different
avenues that can be used in welding education,” said Greg Shipp, Coordinator of Career and Technical
Education at Conroe Independent School District in Conroe, Texas. “It is going to be a game-changer!”
The teachWELD welding simulation is being launched into the market place at a time when our nation is
starting to see a shortage of welders. The simulation gives students a chance to explore this exciting career
path, while at the same time reducing the use of costly welding materials.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of the teachWELD Welding Simulator,” says Timmothy Boettcher,
president of Realityworks, Inc. “For many years we have been bringing experiential learning technology to
educators around the world. We used our expertise in simulations to create a product to not only help
students explore a welding career, but to help fill the skills gap we are seeing across the nation.”
For more information on the teachWELD Welding Simulator and Realityworks, visit or call Realityworks at 800-830-1416.

About Realityworks, Inc.
Realityworks, Inc. is the leader in experiential learning technology – providing life-changing, interactive
educational products since 1994. Its award-winning programs provide students with realistic learning
experiences, and are used by educators in Career and Technical Education, Family and Consumer Science and
Health courses, as well as in other instructional settings worldwide. For more information, visit, or call toll free at 800-830-1416.

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