On Teachers’ Day, We Celebrate Those Making Our Futures Successful

By Timm Boettcher, President & CEO of Realityworks, Inc.

Teachers are the fabric that prepares all of us to be successful in the future.

I have the special opportunity each year to visit many schools around the country and talk to many awesome teachers. Each year I am so very impressed with all the excitement, creativity and engagement that I see in the classrooms I visit. This energy and excitement – and most importantly, student engagement – is all driven by that special teacher who is making great things happen. It humbles me to think about the profound impact our teachers are having on our students every single day.

That phenomenal impact is vital to our society in order for us, collectively, to be highly successful and have a strong future. As I look around our schools, I see Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs becoming a huge part of the education that is provided. CTE programs are bringing integrated curriculum and hands-on learning to our future engineers, health care professionals, computer programmers and IT professionals, business leaders, automotive technicians, famers… the list goes on and on. CTE is critically important to our society.

Quite simply, there is not a day that goes by that you could live without CTE. It is wonderful to see CTE become an integral part of our schools, with teachers leading the charge and setting the stage for further growth and expansion, and politicians knocking down barriers and helping provide support to further educators’ efforts. That is why we at Realityworks stand by to support our CTE teachers in every endeavor they take on. We CARE about education, we CARE about teachers, we CARE about students and we hope that it shows! My hat is off to all of the teachers all over the world, and additional kudos to our CTE teachers, all of whom are are changing the world one student at a time!

I will leave you with a short poem that I think sums it all up:
As teachers go, they are the best. They shine above all the rest.
They bring real-world skills to all they meet. They help their students apply knowledge that allow them to effectively compete.
Your students are highly skilled in what they do. They learned through simulation and hands-on learning that you brought to the school.
You prepare your students to be successful in not only college but most importantly a career. CTE today is not what it was yesteryear.
CTE students experience career choices and gain strong workplace skills. This is exactly what employers and society want as it fits the bill.
On National Teacher Appreciation Day, we see all that you do. We also see the massive impact you have on not only your students, but also society, too.
You cannot live a day without experiencing the value provided by CTE. CTE has presence in everything you see.
From the cars that you drive to the homes where you live. A society with strong CTE skills is a great place to live.
Stay strong on your mission to change the world one student at a time. We will stand strong to support you all of the time.

As a thank you for the work you are doing to prepare today’s youth for successful futures, we have made a downloadable CTE infographic available for you to enjoy.

You can access your infographic here (and see other posters available for download).

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