Agriculture and Veterinary Career Exploration Pack

Use the seven hands-on learning aids in our Agriculture and Veterinary Career Exploration Pack to introduce students to different agriculture careers, such as vet tech, vet assistant, and cultivation manager. Students can learn how to restrain dogs for injections, process piglets, grow plants, and more with these engaging tools. Great for agriculture classrooms, summer programs, or extended learning opportunities.


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11 hours of course content:

  • Basic Canine Anatomy
  • Veterinary Technician Skills
  • Bladder Issues, Palpation, and Urinary Catheterization in Dogs
  • Proper Processing Techniques
  • Proper Health of Swine
  • Career as a Veterinary Technician
  • Animal Welface Act and Animal Care
  • Best Practices and Design Options for Animal Clinic Design
  • What is Hydroponics
  • Plant Life

Lesson plans, presentation slides, assessments, and activities are included.


Career Exploration Implementation

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