Artery Puncture and Intramuscular Injection Arm

Give your students hands-on practice administering a variety of injections with this realistic Artery Puncture and Intramuscular Injection Arm. This training arm is easy to set-up and use. It enables students to practice proper arterial puncture and intramuscular injection and also features accurate flashback.

Each arm includes the one-of-a-kind FAST-fluid™ management system and the FAST-derm™ replacement skin, two unique systems offered only with Realityworks’ task training arms. The FAST-fluid system saves time by managing fluids in medical training arms. This makes preparation, procedures, as well as clean-up, realistic and quick. Additionally, the FAST-derm replacement skin gives users a quick and easy way to replace training arm skin.



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  • FAST-derm replacement skin (1)
  • FAST-fluid management system (1)
  • Alcohol pads (5)
  • 22 gauge 1” syringe and needle (3 ml 22 g x 1”)
  • Arterial Blood Sampling Kit
  • Curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Storage Case


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Intramuscular Injections Curriculum Overview

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