Bovine Injection Simulator

The Bovine Injection Simulator is a one-of-a-kind education tool. Use it to teach proper cattle injection techniques (including IV administration plus jugular, intramuscular and subcutaneous injections), ear tagging and growth implant basics. Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience.

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Package includes:

  • Bovine head/neck (life-size)
  • Removable training cover that maps out specific body landmarks for proper injections
  • Fluid system
  • Stand with wheels
  • Pulse foot pump
  • Ear replacements – 10 pair
  • Curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty


Bovine Injection

Lesson topics:
1. Introduction to Bovine Injections
2. Bovine Growth Implants & Ear Tagging

Teaching hours: 2-3
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and assessment tools
Aligns to: Common Career Technical Core Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Bovine Injection Curriculum Sample

Bovine Injection Curriculum Overview

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


Product Dimensions: 32” x 40” x 68”
Product Weight: 40 lbs. (with water)


Career Preparation

What classes would use this Bovine Injection Simulator?

  • General Agriculture, Animal Science, Introductory Agriculture classes, Animal and Livestock classes would greatly benefit from this simulator. It would also be advantageous for advanced and more specific classes such as Beef Cattle Production, Herd Management, Beef Quality Assurance, Cattle Evaluation, etc.

What careers does this Bovine Injection Simulator help prepare students for?

  • Career opportunities include Veterinarian, Dairy/Cattle/Livestock Farmer, Rancher, Ranch Hand, Animal Nutrition-Sales, Agriculture Specialist, Research Professional, Livestock Specialist and more

General Usage

Video – Using the Bovine Injection Simulator

Do the students inject or draw blood through the injection training cover?

  • No, users should not administer injections through the injection cover. It is for demonstration purposes only. Instead, we suggest having students study it and then flip it to the other side of the simulator hide or remove it when ready for injection practice.

How many injections/ear tagging can be done on each ear? Can I buy replacement ears?

  • Approximately 5-7 injections and 8-10 ear tags can be done on each ear. Yes, replacement ears can be purchased here

What additional items are needed to ensure all features of this product are used to their full potential?

  • Your typical injection tools such as needles, syringes, ear tagging tools, ear tags, implant tools, etc. will ensure students experience the full simulation experience.

How do I clean the Bovine Injection Simulator for storage?

  • Instructions for cleaning this simulator can be found on our product support page here or in your quick start guide. Use them to ensure that you properly drain the fluid from the system and air dry.

How does the jugular vein work?

  • A manual foot pump and internal liquid system mimics blood flow and heartbeat, allowing for vein location and blood draws. Adding water to the system allows for realistic liquid to be withdrawn from the jugular.

Do you offer product support?

  • Yes! Our product support team is available M-F 8am-5pm Central Time via phone, email or chat. Contact customer support here

What additional program support do you provide?

  • We offer free webinarsblogs and classroom resources to help your program succeed
  • Follow Realityworks on your favorite social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for other tips and tricks


Agriculture Program Implementation Guide – Download

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Video – Bovine Education Product Lineup Video

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6 reviews for Bovine Injection Simulator

  1. Morgan Webel

    The Bovine Simulator is by far my favorite teaching “pet”. The kids have named him Otis. Reality Works put every thought into this product. Such a great teaching tool.

  2. Christina Tannehill

    The bovine injector simulator is a great tool for students to get the hands-on learning that they would not be able to otherwise have. The students loved being able to draw blood through the vein and felt so successful when they actually saw it in the syringe! I love how versatile it is with the different levels of learning.

  3. Kym Brinkman

    The Animal Science CTE Pathway expanded this year to include a Veterinarian Science class as our capstone. We were looking for items that would help train students to diagnose and administer treatment to bovine as part of the curriculum. That is when one of my teachers suggested the RealityWorks Bovine Injector Simulator. The students love the real-world application and authentic feel for the equipment.

  4. Marlo McMaster

    We absolutely love our Bovine Injector Simulator. We use it for more that just show students how to give injections. We used this product to show how to properly halter a calf, ear tag, place hormones in the ear, injections, and we even did a small branding activity with the calf. Any time we have guests or visitors come through our building, the first thing they ask is how and why we use “Roberta”. The students absolutely love this product and since the purchase of this product we have purchased more Realityworks products to utilize in our classroom!

  5. Denisa E., Vet Tech Teacher

    When we found out all the ears were replaceable, we were so excited! I handed each student an ear tag and tagger, and they got right to work. Having the actual boning of the veins in the replica ears, and having to figure out the angle that you’re going to do the ear tag – everything is just more realistic.

  6. Mike R., Agriculture Instructor, Iowa Central Community College

    This year the Agricultural Technology Program is looking to expand its animal science offerings and strengthen our curriculum so we can attract more students and be more competitive with other colleges. When we survey students, they’ve asked for more hands-on activities. [Realityworks’] equipment would allow us to do that. We have not used technology money in the past for animal science equipment and feel it is time to make some updates to the program. This equipment will also help us recruit more students and give the classroom a stronger feel. We can also take some of the equipment out to schools, visit days and career shows. Also, this equipment will help train the students to enter the workforce or take necessary skills back to farm operations. The addition of this livestock equipment will help establish Iowa Central as a leader in animal science.

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