Cow and Pig Ear Simulation

Address proper ear care and identification while providing safe, consistent ear tagging and notching practice with our Cow and Pig Ear Simulation. All ears are removable and replaceable, featuring a realistic look and feel.


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  • Cow head model
  • Cow ears (50 pairs)
  • Pig head model
  • Pig ears (100 pairs)
  • Storage box
  • Downloadable curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty
Note: Does NOT include ear tagging or notching tools and ear tags


  • Create safe, consistent practice sessions 
  • Tag each cow ear up to 6 times 
  • Notch each pig ear for proper identification
  • Use your preferred style of ear tagging and ear notching tools and ear tags 


Cow and Pig Ear Simulation Curriculum

Lesson topics:
1. Cow Ear Tagging
2. Pig Ear Notching

Teaching hours: 2

Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and pre- and post-assessments
Aligns to: AFNR Content Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Cow and Pig Ear Simulation Curriculum Overview

Cow and Pig Ear Simulation Curriculum Sample

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


How many tags can be performed on the cow ears?

  • Each cow ear can be tagged up to 6 times.

How many ear notches can be done on the pig ears?

  • Although the size of the ear makes multiple notches possible, the goal of the lesson is to help students understand the single area on each ear where notching should be done.

Can I buy replacement ears?

  • Yes, the Cow and Pig Ear Replacement Pack can be found here.

What additional items are needed to ensure all features of this product are used to their full potential?

  • Your preferred ear tagging or notching tools and ear tags will ensure students experience the full simulation experience.


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