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Review foundational math concepts and introduce students to basic culinary math with this supplemental Culinary Math Training Kit. The included curriculum, student workbooks, and interactive online lessons allow for instructor-led classes or self-paced learning. In addition to basic math, students will also learn about kitchen measuring tools, converting standardized recipes, and calculating food costs. Workbook activities integrate hands-on math and measurement activities with common tools found in kitchen labs. This flexible program is ideal for a variety of learning environments, including in-person, remote, and hybrid.


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  • Student workbooks (pack of 20)
  • Downloadable slide presentations
  • Online lessons
  • Spiral-bound curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty


Culinary Math Training Kit Curriculum

Lesson topics:
1. Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, and Percentages
2. Measurement Systems
3. Conversions
4. Calculating Food Costs
5. Kitchen Measuring Tools
6. Converting Standardized Recipes

Teaching hours: 7-8
Includes: Presentation slides, student workbooks, access to online student lessons, and pre- and post-assessments
Aligns to: National Standards for FCS Education and Common Career Technical Core Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Culinary Math Training Kit Curriculum Overview

Culinary Math Training Kit Curriculum Sample

Culinary Math Training Kit Student Workbook Sample


  • Use the included presentation slides to address these concepts in person or use the online curriculum to conduct complete lessons online. Or, combine both delivery methods to meet your unique program needs.
  • Each lesson integrates the use of common culinary measurement tools
  • Assessment provided within the program
  • Built-in assessments include lesson quizzes plus summative quizzes for math review and culinary math review
  • Student workbooks reinforce learning whether content is presented via slide presentations in class or online lessons


How do I use the online curriculum with the student workbooks?

You can use your online curriculum to offer lessons on measurement systems, conversions, food costs and other topics via any device that connects to the internet. Follow up those lessons with the activities in the student workbooks, which students may complete in class or take home to complete for additional practice

How do I use the student workbooks?

The student workbooks work with both the online lessons and in-person presentation slides/lecture. In both situations, lessons address content related to measurement systems, conversions, food costs, and other topics, and the student workbooks contain activities that reinforce that content.

What unit of measurements are utilized in the Culinary Math Training Kit?

This training kit uses: micrograms, milligrams, kilograms, millimeters, grains, teaspoons, tablespoons, quarts, gallons, pounds, ounces, feet, inches, cups, fluid ounces, liters, servings, grams, and pints

Can I get a free trial of the online curriculum?

Yes! You can start a free trial here


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