Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Program

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Use our easy-to-implement Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Program to develop interpersonal skills that are essential to healthcare professionals. Two sets of curricula allow for lessons focused on 10 interpersonal skills, such as communication and teamwork, as well as 8 lessons focused on clinical empathy and patient communication. The scenario cards offer real-world practice opportunities.


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  • Spiral-bound Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Curriculum
  • Developing Empathy for Effective Patient-Focused Care online lessons
  • Student workbooks (pack of 20)
  • Scenario cards (10 sets)
  • 1-year limited warranty


Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Curriculum:

Lesson topics:
1. Communication
2. Teamwork
3. Problem-Solving
4. Critical Thinking
5. Work Ethic
6. Listening
7. Responsibility
8. Patience
9. Trust
10. Integrity

Teaching hours: 10
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and pre- and post-assessments
Aligns to: National Health Science Education Foundation Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Curriculum Overview

Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Curriculum Sample

Healthcare Interpersonal Skills Workbook Sample

Developing Empathy for Effective Patient-Focused Care Curriculum:

Lesson topics:
1. Developing Clinical Empathy
2. Patient Communication
3. Applying Clinical Empathy and Therapeutic Communication
4. Empathy in Emergency Scenarios
5. Empathy in Phlebotomy, Injection, and Medication Administration Scenarios
6. Empathy in Patient Care and Vital Signs Scenarios
7. Empathy and Communication in Pediatric Scenarios
8. Empathy in Scenarios with Bariatric Patients or Patients with Obesity

Teaching hours: 8

Developing Empathy for Effective Patient-Focused Care Online Curriculum Overview



  • 10 lessons on the top soft skills identified by healthcare employers 
  • 8 online lessons covering topics on developing empathy and communication skills in healthcare careers. Free trials available! 
  • Easy to implement into any health science program 
  • Each interpersonal skill lesson includes 4 workbook activities, 2 focused on patients and 2 focused on colleagues 
  • Scenario cards for students to pair up and work through 
  • Online curriculum is aligned to NCHSE and uses an engaging, self-paced format that features knowledge checks and assessments 


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