Large Early Childhood Care and Services Package

The Large Early Childhood Care and Services Package is one of three complete solutions for starting or building an FCS pathway program. This package includes 30 hands-on resources as well as curricula. In addition, the curricula come with presentation slides, activities, and assessments. See individual product pages for additional product details.



  • 10 RealCare Baby infant simulators (plus accessories and a 5-year warranty)
  • Large Supply Pack (including wristbands, bottles, diapers and IDs)
  • Shaken Bab
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby
  • Drug-Affected Baby
  • Preemie Baby
  • 2 Child Care Center Design Kit
  • Pregnancy Profile
  • 2 My Life Student Workbooks-20 pack
  • Group Webinar Training
  • 20 Baby Storage Cart
  • Employability Skills Program
  • Early Childhood Scenario Cards-10 pack
  • 5 RealCare Student Workbooks-20 pack


30 hours of course content:

  • Basic infant care
  • Early childhood classroom design
  • The role of the caregiver
  • Infant and toddler development
  • Handling stress and preventing ShakenBaby Syndrome
  • Emergency procedures
  • Prenatal alcohol and drug exposure

Curriculum, activities and assessment tools for each hands-on resource.

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