Pig Model

The Pig Model is one-third the size of an actual pig. The exterior depicts a detailed muscular system. Separating at the midline, it reveals 16 removable organs and body parts including the digestive as well as reproductive systems. Additionally, incorporate the included curriculum for a complete experience.

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  • Model on display stand
  • Cross-sectional view of internal and external anatomy
  • 16 removable parts
  • Quick start guide
  • 20” x 30” Pork Cuts poster
  • Online access to curriculum, student activities and presentation slides
  • 1-year limited warranty


Pig Curriculum

Lesson topics:
1. Pig Anatomy
2. Digestive Tract
3. Reproductive Systems

Teaching hours: 3
Includes: Presentation slides, student activities and assessment tools
Aligns to: Common Career Technical Core Standards

Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

Pig Model Curriculum Sample

Pig Model Curriculum Overview

Agriculture Curriculum Overview


  • Approximately one-third the size of a real pig
  • Cross-sectional view of internal and external anatomy, including female reproductive system
  • Full-color details
  • 16 fully detachable pieces, including internal organs and external body parts
  • Great for in class training, demonstrations and remote learning


Product Dimensions: 10” x 19” x 40”
Product Weight: 52 lbs.

4 reviews for Pig Model

  1. Derek Mayo

    I loved this model, it was a perfect example of an American Landrace. It was a great learning experience for me, thank you.

  2. Christina F.

    As a second year agricultural education instructor, this model has taken my teaching to the next level. It is great for in-person or distance learning. The model is decently put together however, with minor use some of the magnets have broken off and are fixed to the model anymore. By far worth the purchase and am excited to possibly get more in the future.

    • realityworks_webadmin

      Thank you for the Pig Model review. Your feedback is appreciated and will be shared with our team for continued engineering of these products.

  3. Jodi Callahan

    This model is ideal for virtual learning and for hybrid learning! I plan on teaching the virtual dissection lesson and using the magnetic organs for the quiz. Students are having fun while learning anatomy and they appreciated the muscle structure.

  4. Mike R., Agriculture Instructor, Iowa Central Community College

    This year the Agricultural Technology Program is looking to expand its animal science offerings and strengthen our curriculum so we can attract more students and be more competitive with other colleges. When we survey students, they’ve asked for more hands-on activities. [Realityworks’] equipment would allow us to do that. We have not used technology money in the past for animal science equipment and feel it is time to make some updates to the program. This equipment will also help us recruit more students and give the classroom a stronger feel. We can also take some of the equipment out to schools, visit days and career shows. Also, this equipment will help train the students to enter the workforce or take necessary skills back to farm operations. The addition of this livestock equipment will help establish Iowa Central as a leader in animal science.

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