Geriatric Skin Conditions Kit

The Geriatric Skin Conditions Kit is a one-of-a-kind aging skin condition training tool that includes 9 realistic models of common geriatric skin conditions, plus other teaching tools: a DVD, a poster, flashcards and curriculum. The models can be adhered to human or manikin skin and feature detailed tissue that can be examined.



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  1.  Geriatric Skin Conditions Curriculum Sample

    Geriatric Skin Conditions Curriculum Overview

    Nursing Training Product - Curriculum Overview

  2. Package includes:

    • 9 geriatric skin condition models: Shingles, benign and cancerous lesions, bruise, burn, thinned skin, age spots, eczema, dry skin, lesion
    • Adhesive gel (wound bond)
    • “Assessing Skin Conditions in the Elderly” DVD
    • 18x24 skin conditions poster
    • 36 skin conditions flashcards
    • Curriculum
    • 90-day limited warranty
  3. Material Safety Document:

    Wound Bond Material Safety Data Sheet

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