Ostomy Trainer

This ostomy trainer is a lifelike model that provides a realistic simulation of colostomy and ileostomy procedures. It allows for the application of postoperative and permanent ostomy bags, along with realistic draining and excretion at the ileostomy and colostomy sites.



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  1. Ostomy Care and Procedures

    • Teacher guide
    • Student materials
    • Assessment tools
    • Presentation slides
    • Teaching hours: 1

    Introduction to Ostomy Care Curriculum Overview


  2. Package includes:
    • Ostomy Trainer
    • Storage case
    • 60 cc Toomey syringe
    • 60 cc luer lock syringe
    • Simulated stool dry mix (10 applications)
    • 1-year limited warranty
    • Curriculum
  3. The stool is so real that gives students a very accurate simulated experience. Plus clean-up is easy!

    Kasey Carlson, MSN, Med, nursing instructor and educational technologist, WI

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