Pregnancy Profile® Simulator

The RealCare® Pregnancy Profile® Simulator replicates the third trimester of pregnancy. Instructors use this educational tool with males and females in pregnancy prevention programs, family and consumer sciences, child development and health classes, childbirth, prenatal and parenting classes, health occupations and child care career courses.

Pregnancy Profile Simulator



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    Understanding Pregnancy Curriculum Overview

    Understanding Pregnancy Sample Lesson

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents


  2. Each one-size-fits-most pregnancy vest features:

    • A water bladder to simulate elevated body temperature and fetal movement
    • A rib constrictor belt to simulate pressure from fetal limbs and difficulty breathing
    • A weight bag to simulate bladder pressure
    • Combined the vest simulates 25- to 30-pound weight gain 


    • Pregnancy Profile Vest
    • Rib constrictor belt containing two plastic balls
    • Water bladder
    • Bladder pressure weight bag
    • Carrying case
    • Embroidered t-shirt
    • Curriculum
    • Limited 2-year warranty

    Product Catalog and How To Order

      • Non-electronic simulator
      • Adds 25-30 pounds of weight
    • The Babies have become so much more than just a project for these students. They have really become a great discussion piece for choosing to parent or building their resumes for jobs.

      Amanda Klenke, FACS Teacher, Battle High School, Colombia, MODownload Full Story

      I found the Pregnancy Vest Simulator to be a great teaching tool. After using the vest throughout the class period, my middle school students were able to feel what it was like to be pregnant. The physical and emotional impact on both the male and female students really seemed to affect them. They were able to feel how hard it is to carry the weight of a baby physically and also get a glimpse of how others would see them, which could be difficult emotionally.

      From a teacher's standpoint, I found the vest to be very easy to use. The directions were very clear and easy to follow. The vest took only a couple minutes to assemble and was easy to position on the students. I feel that this vest really made the students aware of how challenging it is to be pregnant. They made several comments about how heavy the vest was, how others would see them, and how they would not want to go through this in real life.

      The vest made it easy for me to discuss the issue of consequences of sexual activity, because we were able to simulate what it is like to be pregnant and discuss some of the issues that come with teen pregnancy. I would use the vest again because it actually allows the students to experience the not-so-glamorous side of being pregnant.

      Samantha Konsela, FACS Teacher, Chippewa Falls Middle School, Chippewa Falls, WI

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